Jean Claude De La Ronde
Storyboards and visual development


Storyboards and visual development


About Me


I've been drawing for 30 years.

I'm mainly a self taught artist with some academic studies in Illustration & Design.

My subjects varies from life drawing, comic books characters, storyboards and concept art for both film and video game industry.

I work with pencils, Pen and Ink, Copic Markers,

On the computer I mainly work with Corel Painter, Sketch Book Pro and Photoshop.

CEO Pete Draper

“JC worked with us for several weeks, liaising directly with the director to produce numerous high quality storyboards for an upcoming feature. Excellent work produced, good pace. Would seriously recommend him to any additional prospective clients, unless we snap him up!"
Good work fella!

Rahul Venugopal

“JC is really easy to get along with and besides being a good storyboard artists he shows very much interest in all aspects of visual effects. He have really motivated and helped me with my work. I highly recommend his work and he would really add value to any team.” January 13, 2011
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